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Publicity of the List of 2019/2020 Excellent Overseas Students within the School of International Education
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Accordance to the requirements of the measures for the selection of outstanding overseas students' scholarships of "Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology’s Outstanding International Students Scholarship Selection Measures (Trial in 2018)", based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, combined with students' performance ranking and usual performance, after being recommended by the head teacher, reviewed by the school of international education and approved by the school.The evaluation results of the "outstanding international students" scholarship of the school of international education in 2020/2020 are publicized as follows (if you have any objection, please reflect it to the Institute of international education within the publicity time):


1. First-class scholarship (2people): International Business (International) 1801-Yu Xiya,International Business (International) 1901-Li Sha,scholarship 1000 yuan/person;

2. Second-class scholarship (people): International Business (International) 1801-Chen Xila, International Business (International) 1901-Han Ni,scholarship 800 yuan/person;

3. Third-class scholarship (people): International Business (International) 1801-Li Shu, International Business (International) 1901- Chen Ming, Wang Xiaoping, scholarship 600 yuan/person.

Announcement Duration: December 11,2020-December 15,2020

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School of International Education

December 11,2020

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