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Rail Transit Engineering Practice Center
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Founded in 2010, the Rail Transit Engineering Practice Center of Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology consists of three parts: railway theme park, "two stations and one section" high-speed rail comprehensive training station and comprehensive training building. The Center covers an building area of 1425 square meters with the track length of 2700 linear meters.

The training equipment covers railway jobs such as track, electricity, locomotive, train operation and carriage, and the fixed assets exceed 110 million yuan. The Center provides a practical teaching platform for students in majors such as railway traffic operation management, railway communication signal, EMU maintenance technology, railway locomotive, railway engineering and logistics management in Transportation Management College, Communication and Signal College, Locomotive Engineering College, Electric Power Engineering College and Metro College.

With the positioning of practical teaching and engineering training, the Center, according to the actual needs of practical teaching of railway disciplines, combined with the development status and direction of railway transportation in China, constructs a practical teaching system closely around the knowledge chain of “principle → technology → practice”. According to the knowledge system and specialty characteristics of different majors, practical teaching syllabus and teaching plan are formulated respectively, and various types of practical projects at different levels are set up, continuously exploring and implementing the teaching contents, methods and teaching means for the practical teaching reform so as to cultivate students' comprehensive design ability, engineering practice ability and innovation ability.

With the care from Shanghai Railway Bureau and related stations and depots, China Railway Signal&Communication Corp and related companies, China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd., EasyWay Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Metro Company and other school-enterprise cooperation units, and with the support of central and local co-construction projects, provincial practice center construction projects and school self-built projects, the Center, through the combination of equipment purchase, device development and alumni donations, has been gradually built into a practical training and teaching base with basic, comprehensive, applied and innovative characteristics that meets the development needs of modern railway transportation. Since the construction, the Center has undertaken the practical training tasks of various professional railway courses of the institute, and has undertaken the training tasks of many cooperative enterprises such as China Railway Corporation, Shanghai Railway Bureau and Nanjing Metro.

Located to the east side of the school gate, the railway theme park highlights the nostalgic railway theme and reflects the past of China’s railway transportation. It is equipped with 300 meters of track, furnished with water cranes, lookout coach, manual switch machines and other railway equipment that are no longer in use at present. It is a good place to review the development history of China’s railways, promote China's railway culture and receive patriotic education.

The high-speed rail comprehensive training station is located on the north side of the campus, close to Nanjing North Station, which has a history of 100 years and witnessed the development of Nanjing Railway. The training station line starts from Pukou Locomotive Turn-back Section in the east, connects with “Ji 5” track, and reaches the wall of the campus in the west. It is electrified on two lines, with Pukou New Station and Tieyuan North Station. Among them, Pukou New Station simulates high-speed railway passenger station, with passenger transport facilities on the first floor, including ordinary waiting room, VIP waiting room, ticket office, information desk, ticket gate, etc. Passenger transport service facilities are readily available such as automatic ticket vending machine, manual ticket vending machine, high-definition LED information bulletin screen and ticket gate. The second floor is the signal CTCS-2 control system and dispatching room of the high-speed rail training station, which contains train operation control system, computer interlocking system, ZPW-2000K and other high-speed rail signal stain equipment. There are ballasted tracks, ballastless tracks, bridges, culverts, crossings, etc.on the line. The catenary power supply facilities are built with various column types such as hard spans, steel columns and cement columns, and there are also four power supply units. Turnout facilities include ZD-6, Siemens S700K and hydraulic switch machines. It is equipped with NT domestic subway train, DF4 diesel locomotive and Qinling rail car.

The high-speed rail comprehensive training building has 5 floors. On the first floor is a simulated subway training room, which is equipped with simulated subway trains, subway signal system, PIS system, AFC system, etc., and can be used for practical training teaching such as subway vehicle driving, passenger service and signal. On the second floor is the simulated teaching sand table of Nanjing Metro Line 1, which is made according to the actual line with the ratio of 1: 87. It fully simulates the normal dispatching operation of subway and the line failure, vehicle failure and platform failure in the operation process. On the third floor is the simulation room of high-speed railway power supply unit and the simulation driving and maintenance practice room of CRH380A EMU. On the fourth floor is the signal simulated teaching sand table of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway from Nanjing South to Shanghai Hongqiao. According to the actual line, it is made at 1:48, and the backstage adopts all-true equipment to fully simulate the high-speed railway signal system and train dispatching operation.



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