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Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology (NIRT) is a full-time public regular institution of higher learning (junior college) under provincial jurisdiction approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu and filed with the Ministry of Education. She is a high grade occupational junior college in Jiangsu Province, a quality higher occupational college at the State level, and a high grade occupational school with characteristics in China with various disciplines. NIRT was formerly No. 1 Occupational School of Nanjing Special City set up in 1941, which was renamed as Nanjing Rail Transport School under the Ministry of Railway, and upgraded to higher learning occupational college in the name of NIRT in 2002. She was transferred to the local jurisdiction of Jiangsu by the Ministry of Railway in 2004.

Since the establishment of the Institute in the autumn of 1941, the library has been expanded several times. At present, the total number of documents in the library is about 1.2 million, including about 670000 paper books (more than 30000 bound periodicals), 360000 kinds of e-books, 7000 kinds of e-journals, 15000 e-books, 500 kinds of periodicals and newspapers, and the way of full open shelf borrowing of books is implemented for all teachers and students. According to the characteristics of library business, there is now a librarian's office; Ministry of resources and construction (interview room and editing room); Modern technology department (electronic reading room and multimedia reading room); Reader service department (periodical reading room, reference reading room, borrowing Office); Intelligence consulting department.There are 18 staff members, including 6 Masters, 9 with bachelor's degree and 8 with intermediate title or above. In terms of management, we can carry out OPAC online retrieval by using Huiwen Library management system, a public platform for university resource sharing in Jiangsu Province. The library has a theme website, which provides 24-hour network information and resource services to teachers and students of the Institute. In addition, it has also built a discipline navigation and characteristic database according to the characteristics of the institute to provide teachers and students with professional websites of various disciplines, paper periodicals and other relevant information. Our library is now open for more than 80 hours a week (including Saturday and Sunday), with an annual loan and return of more than 100000 copies.

The new library of Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology was officially opened in September 2012. The new library has a construction area of 23000 square meters, 2000 reading seats, beautiful and comfortable learning environment, complete and advanced facilities, and realizes an open service integrating six functions of "collection, borrowing, reading, inspection, consultation and education".The opening of the new library will further promote the improvement of library service level.

The library of Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology is the home of users and readers. Warmly welcome you! Serve you wholeheartedly!









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