Emergency Response Plan for International Students of NIRT
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In order to effectively prevent, timely control and properly deal with the emergencies of international students in China (hereinafter referred to as "international students"), improve the ability of rapid response and emergency handling, establish and improve the emergency mechanism, prevent and reduce the losses and injuries caused by emergencies to the greatest extent, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of international students, and create a safe and harmonious working and learning environment, This plan is formulated in accordance with the requirements of the administrative measures for the recruitment and training of international students (Order No. 42 of the Ministry of education, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of Public Security) and in combination with the actual situation of our university.

Ⅰ.Establish an emergency command group for overseas students in China

The emergency command group for international students in Nanjing Railway Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as the "command group") shall be established, with the president of the University as the group leader, the vice president in charge of (assisting in) International Education and cooperation as the Deputy group leader, and the party office, school office, foreign affairs office, Publicity Department of the Party committee, Institute of international education, security office, student work office The person in charge of the logistics management and service center is a member of the team.

Ⅱ. Main responsibilities of the emergency command leading group for overseas students in China

1. Understand and grasp the causes and dynamics of the event, and formulate policies and specific strategies to control the development of the event.

2. Organize all forces to deal with emergencies and report to relevant superior departments.

Deal with the aftermath and put forward rectification opinions.

Ⅲ.Types of emergencies

The "emergencies of foreign students in China" mentioned in this plan refers to the emergencies that endanger the physical and mental health of foreign students, threaten life safety and affect the normal teaching order, mainly including:

1. Fights or group fights among foreign students;

2. Abnormal death, self mutilation and self abuse of foreign students, mental and psychological problems of foreign students;

3. International students leaving school and missing;

4. Illegal public gatherings and processions of foreign students;

5. Major theft of foreign students;

6. Traffic accidents or other major malignant injuries of international students;

7. A fire broke out in the dormitory of foreign students;

8. Sudden mass diseases of foreign students;

9. Other emergencies.

Ⅳ. Emergency handling principles

1. Prevention first principle

The Institute of international education and other relevant departments shall earnestly strengthen the laws, regulations and safety education for the international students of our university, take effective measures to make the international students consciously abide by the laws and regulations, enhance the awareness of safety prevention, and master the basic self-help knowledge and common first aid and distress calls. International student management staff should often communicate with international students to find problems in time and solve the problems in the bud.

2. Principle of timely notification

The Institute of international education and other relevant departments shall immediately report to the command group after the occurrence of an emergency. The school shall timely report to the superior department, public security department and embassy (consulate) in China when necessary according to the nature of the emergency, and timely contact and inform the family members of foreign students.

3. Rapid response principle

After an emergency occurs, the members of the command group shall rush to the scene of the accidentat the first time, make decisions calmly and decisively, and take response measures in time to minimize the impact and harm of the emergency.

4. Principle of solidarity and cooperation

All departments involved in the emergency handling of international students in our university must cooperate with each other and shall not shirk their responsibilities. At the same time, we should actively cooperate with relevant departments such as public security, hospitals, fire control and epidemic prevention.

5. Principle of proper handling

According to different types and situations of emergencies, different emergency measures and disposal methods should be taken. If necessary, with the help and guidance of the embassy (consulate), deal with the aftermath in combination with the customs and beliefs of foreign students.

6. Information disclosure principle

The Publicity Department of the Party committee of the University shall be responsible for the release of external information on the handling of emergencies of foreign students, so as to ensure that the information release is accurate and comprehensive.

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