School Holds Fire Fighting Drills for International Students
Source: Date:2021/12/23 Views:

In order to improve the fire safety awareness and fire prevention and disaster relief capabilities of international students in our school. On December 23, the Security Office and the Department of International Education jointly organized a fire fighting drill for international students. More than 40 international students participated in this activity.

First of all, the teacher of the security department explained in detail the applicable fire types, usage methods and related precautions of dry powder ABC fire extinguishers, and demonstrated the correct fire extinguishing methods in person. Afterwards, under the guidance of the teacher, the international students present actively participated in the practical training, and took turns to use fire extinguishers to put out the fire. During the drill, the teacher pointed out and corrected the deficiencies of the international students' fire fighting operations in a timely manner, and answered questions raised by the students.

This fire fighting drill has further enhanced the fire safety awareness of international students in our school, improved their ability to correctly use fire extinguishing equipment and deal with emergencies such as initial fires, and achieved the expected results.


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