Program for the Major of International Business
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Years of Study

Three years

Language of Instruction


Cultivating Goal

Cultivate international professionals with a high degree of cultural quality, professional ethics, technical innovation ability, with the craftsman spirit of excellence, good front-line job adaptability and the management ability of basic-level units. International professionals who can bear hardships and stand hard work, keep learning and have the ability of sustainable development.This major aims to cultivate applied, innovative and compound foreign-related business talents with good business English proficiency, strong teamwork ability, leadership ability and innovative spirit.High-quality technical talents with international vision and international competence in this professional field, able to use professional knowledge and skills in the actual environment of many countries, and can participate in and promote the friendly cooperative relations between China and the country the student came from.

Core Courses


No. Core Courses Course Introduction Term Language Credit
1 Practical course of cross-border trade Study the name, quality and packaging of import and export goods; international goods transportation; international trade payment; international goods insurance. 3 English&Chinese 4
2 Cross-border business data analysis Learn to mine customer needs through data analysis. Seek and improve the click rate and conversion rate methods; master the store overall data analysis and marketing methods. 4 4
3 Theory and practice of cross-border E-commerce Guided by the skills needs of online store operation positions, and using cross-border e-commerce platform and teaching simulation software platform for skills training. 2 4
4 Cross-border E-commerce promotion Master the promotion skills of various platforms, such as cross-border e-commerce promotion tools like Google Adwords, AliExpress and Amazon. 3 4
5 Cross-border customer service and management Explain the common problems encountered in cross-border customer service positions specifically, so that students can master the customer service skills in the operation of cross-border e-commerce platform. 4 4
6 Practical course of cross-border import and export Understand the four modes of cross-border E-commerce import and export business, get familiar with the three regulatory codes and master the business processing under different business models. 4 4

Graduation Requirements

        1. No disciplinary sanction or sanction rescinded;

        2. Complete and passed all the courses stipulated and obtain 150 credits;

        3. Complete the corresponding public elective courses and receive at least 6 credits.


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