Program for Preparatory Students
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Years of Study

One year

Language of Instruction

Chinese & English

Cultivating Goal

Cultivate international professionals with a high degree of cultural  quality,professional ethics, technical innovation ability,with the craftsman spirit of excellence,good front-line job adaptability and the management ability of basic-level units.International professionals who can bear hardships and stand hard work,keep learning and have the ability of sustainable development.Through the intensive training and learning of basic courses such as Chinese, mathematics, and English, the training of basic skills for students is strengthened, and a solid foundation is laid for the next step of completing undergraduate professional courses.High-quality technical talents with international vision and international competence in this professional field,able to use professional knowledge and skills in the actual environment of many countries, and can participate in and promote the friendly cooperative relations between China and the country the student came from.

Core Courses

No. Core   Courses Course   Introduction Term Language Credit
1 Chinese   listening and   speaking Through practical communication   scenarios commonly seen in daily learning and life activities,combined with   comprehensive courses, the training centers on the training of Chinese   listening and speaking skills,and focuses on the   cultivation of   listening comprehension ability and oral practice ability. 1&2 English/Chinese 15
2 Comprehensive   Chinese Introduce the necessary   knowledge of phonetics, vocabulary,grammar and Chinese   characters;Train   students to communicate with the language knowledge and cultural knowledge   they have learned. 1&2 15
3 About   China Learn the general situation of   China's geography,history,economy,politics,diplomacy, science and   technology,etc.;China's education,cultural   traditions,customs and   social life. 2 2
4 HSK   intensive reading In terms of phonetics,learn and   master the pronunciation and sentences of new   Chinese words for Level   4;in terms of vocabulary,learn the vocabulary prescribed by HSK Level 4 test;   in terms of grammar, grammar and word order,writing and sentence arrangement;   in terms of application, use what you have learned to conduct complete   communication sessions. 2 9
5 Chinese   reading Emphasis on the learning and   cultivation of basic skills of Chinese reading. This course focuses on the   training of Chinese reading skills and focuses on the   development of   reading comprehension through the understanding of reading articles and the   study of word structure,combined with comprehensive courses and listening and   speaking courses. 2 2

Graduation Requirements

1. No disciplinary sanction;

2. Complete and passed all the courses stipulated and obtain 60 credits;

3. Complete the corresponding public elective courses and receive at least 2 credits.


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