Program for the Major of Transportation Management
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Years of Study

Three years

Language of Instruction


Cultivating Goal

Cultivate international professionals with a high degree of cultural quality,professional ethics,technical innovation ability,with the craftsman spirit of excellence,good front-line job adaptability and the management ability of basic-level units. International professionals who can bear hardships and stand hard work, keep learning and have the ability of sustainable development.The major Railway traffic operation and management trains the relevant knowledge of railway transportation equipment,railway train organization,railway passenger and freight transportation organization, etc.;cultivates high-quality technical and skilled personnel who can be engaged in train command,passenger transportation, freight organization and management,etc.High-quality technical talents with international vision and international competence in this professional field,able to use professional knowledge and skills in the actual environment of many countries,and can participate in and promote the friendly cooperative relations between China and the country the student came from.

Core Courses


No. Core   Courses Course   Introduction Term Teaching Language Credit
1 Station   operation plan and statistics Technical operation process and preparation method of freight trains and freight cars;content, preparation basis and preparation method of station shift plan;preparation method of station phase plan and adjustment method when traffic low fluctuates,etc. 5



2 Receiving   and dispatching train work Shifting shifts;receiving and dispatching trains under normal conditions;receiving anddispatching trains under abnormal conditions; 5 8
3 Train   dispatch command Train operation diagram;train dispatching andcommanding;construction and emergency response;relevant regulations on key confidential train dispatching and commanding;statistics and analysis of relevant production indicators of train dispatching and commanding,etc. 4 4
4 Rail   Passenger Organization Main equipment of passenger station,passenger service facilities, performance and use method of tools;ticketing operation procedure;waiting operation procedure;platform operation;outbound operation;preparation of passenger transportation plan. 3 3
5 Rail Freight Organization Basic conditions of cargo transportation;general vehicle cargo transportation,loading,and delivery;container transportation,loading,and delivery;composition, function, characteristics and usageof railway freight facilities and equipment,etc. 4 4

Graduation Requirements

1. No disciplinary sanction;

2. Complete and passed all the courses stipulated and obtain 150 credits;

3. Complete the corresponding public elective courses and receive at least 6 credits.


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