HSK 语法学习介绍
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HSK is a standardized Chinese proficiency test launched by Center for Language Education and Cooperation to test the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese, Chinese descent and ethnic minorities in China), based on International Chinese Proficiency Standard. On March 20, 2017, Decree No. 42 fromthe Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security, which is The Management Measures of Recruiting and Training International Students, requires that "Overview of Chinashould be a compulsory course in higher academic education".

In order to improve the learners ‘ability of using Chinese and cross-cultural communication, this course takes the key grammar points of HSKas the main line and creates the context in combination with Chinese social and cultural themes to help foreign students understand and master the structure, meaning and pragmatic function of the grammars. Meanwhile, the coursecan help learners deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and enhance their comprehensive ability of using the languageand cross-cultural communication by seepingChinese culture into grammar teaching.

The features of this course are as follows:

Firstly, this course presentsvarious forms of the key grammar items at different HSK levelsfollowingthe language learning principle of "structure,function,culture".Through vivid and fascinatinganimations, refined grammar structure formulas, classic examplesand foreign students' real scene short films, learners can understand and master the basic syntax, semantics and pragmatics of each grammar, practice and use them fully and effectively. Also learners cantest and consolidate each grammar through the self-test questions carefully designed by teachers.

Secondly, focusingon the problems in cross cultural communication encountered by foreign students in their daily life and study, this course integrate the grammar items into the cultural context, and make a detailed analysis of the cultural vocabulary and micro videos through a large number of images and videos. Thus,students can have a systematic and rational understanding of Chinese culture. At the same time, combined with Chinese proverbs, famous sayings and classic allusions, this coursebriefly analyzes the Chinese spirit behind cultural phenomena, so that students can have a deeper understanding and thinking of Chinese cultureand understand the essence of Chinese culture.


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