School of International Education actively serves the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Since 2014, it has started academic education for foreign students. So far, it has recruited more than 10 students from the “Belt and Road” countries. By the end of 2021, five classes of international students have graduated from the school, 23.9% of which entered undergraduate studies, and many graduates went to work in Chinese-funded "going global" enterprises. The international students performed outstandingly during their stay in the school, and won the first prize of the ROBOTAC Robot International Exchange Competition, the second prize of the "Belt and Road" International Trade Skills Competition for International Students , and the third prize of the “Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press” Cup Jiangsu Province College Students Cross-cultural Communication Ability Competition, the second prize of the 2019 Cross-border E-commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills Competition for International Students from the "Belt and Road" Countries and many other awards.

Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology actively builds an international cooperation and exchange platform, strengthens cooperation and exchanges with transportation universities along the "Belt and Road" and rail transit enterprises along the "Belt and Road", and leads the establishment of the International Federation of Eurasian Transportation Universities and serves as the vice-chairman unit. Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology is the vice-chairman unit for the construction of the Sino-Russian Jiaotong University Principals Union, the secretariat unit of the China-ASEAN Rail Transit Education and Training Alliance, and the chairman unit of the China Rail Transit Applied Technology Talent Training Alliance. The school’s cooperation platform covers many countries along the "Belt and Road", paving the way for railway vocational colleges to serve the "Belt and Road" construction, and promoting the exchanges and cooperation between China’s railway vocational colleges, railway enterprises and transportation universities and railway enterprises in "Belt and Road" countries. It has laid a solid foundation for the alliance members to jointly carry out personnel training, cooperative education and scientific research. Through the established international cooperation platforms, it has hosted and participated in more than 20 international forums on railway talent training, and promoted the alliance member schools to sign more than 80 inter-school and school-enterprise cooperation agreements. Relying on these international cooperation and exchange platforms, the school's international development space and international influence have been significantly improved. The school has successively won the "Advanced School for International Cooperation and Exchange of Education in Jiangsu", "Top 50 International Influence of China's Higher Vocational Education", "Advanced Group of Education for International Students in China in Jiangsu Province" and "High-level Demonstration Construction Project of Sino-foreign Cooperation in running schools in Jiangsu Province", etc.

Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology actively participates in the "Selection of Excellent Talents for Studying in Jiangsu" organized and implemented by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AVIC International Project Engineering Co., Ltd., and has jointly applied for the provincial talent plan project to cultivate localized talents for railway operation and maintenance for the Egyptian railway project order, so as to actively build the education brand of "Study in Jiangsu". The school recruited the first batch of 18 Egyptian students in 2018. Because of the remarkable achievements in running the program, the enrollment scale of the Egyptian Railway Order Class has continued to expand in recent years. At present, a total of 89 Egyptian students in 5 majors have been recruited, and an international local management team and backbone technical force have been cultivated to serve the "going global" of Chinese railways.

Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology gives full play to the characteristics and advantages of its railway majors, accurately meets the talent needs of overseas railway projects, relies on Chinese "going global" enterprises, and cooperates with foreign enterprises and universities to build a training base for international talents for overseas railways. It has successively built the Egyptian Railway Training Center jointly with the relevant training centers in Egypt and AVIC International Project Engineering Co., Ltd. It has also jointly established the Lao Railway Training Center of the Southern Railway Institute with the Lao Railway Training Center; and jointly organized the "1.5+1.5" major of railway signal automation with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to export China's high-speed rail vocational education standards. The construction and development of the overseas railway international talent training bases has improved the school's ability to serve the "Belt and Road" construction, and enabled the school to play a positive role in the construction of the Trans-Asian Railway and the African Railway.