College Application

undefined What is the website for online application?

undefined Please apply through NYRT International Student Service system,


undefined Can I enroll in spring?

undefined No. Our school only accepts applications for fall admission.

undefined What are the requirements of applying for the Principal’s Scholarship?

undefined You should meet the basic admission requirements and be in good health, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, school’s management regulations and rules, have a good learning attitude, be diligent and hardworking, have good grades, and have not received other forms of government scholarships in China.

undefined I heard there are real trains on campus, is that true?

undefined Yes, that’s true. There are different types of train carriages on campus.

Campus Life

undefined What campus activities can we take part in?

undefined Theinstituteorganizes many activities such as: badminton competition, table tennis competition, basketball competition, welcome party,andNew Year’s party etc.

undefined Does theinstitutehave a halal canteen?

undefined Yes, and the halal canteen offers a wide variety of halal food at reasonable prices.

undefined Can we travel in Nanjing during holidays?

undefined Sure. We encourage international students to visit famous places and experience Chinese culture. But you need to tell your teacher first, keep in touch and come back on time.

undefined Where is the Registration Venue?

undefined At OfficeA505(2),Information Center,Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology. 

undefined How can I get to the institute?

undefined Please checkhttps://admission.njrts.edu.cn/info/1107/1423.htm

undefined What should I do if I get sick?

undefined Minor illnesses can be treated in the school hospital. The address of the school hospital is: H101, Building 8, Student Residence. If you need further treatment, please pay attention to the following items: be sure to go to public hospitals, be sure that registered name is correct, and as for types of expense, choose business insurance or self-paid.