Introduction to TSP
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In order to promote the construction of the "Belt and Road", serve Chinese enterprises "Going Out",meet the talent needs of going out enterprises, and cultivate high-level localized talents for the "Going Out"project, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education organized and implemented the "Selection Plan for Outstanding Talents in Jiangsu" . NIRT-AVIC International Egypt Railway Talent Order Training Project, jointly organized by Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology and AVIC INTL, will serve as a project for 10th of Ramadan Railway Project order to cultivate localized talents for railway operation and maintenance.

NIRT,AVIC-INTL and Jiangsu Provincial Department of education give strong support to the project in terms of funds, teachers, software and hardware conditions. The institute attaches great importance to the project. According to the requirements of the project for talents, the institute formulates corresponding talent training programs, equipped with excellent teachers, developed a number of English MOOC courses, and provided full scholarships and good teaching, training and living conditions for the project students. The project is jointly organized and implemented by NIRT and AVIC-INTL international. It recruits excellent graduates from Egypt and completes a three-year professional education in railway operation and maintenance. The first and second academic years mainly study Chinese and railway professional knowledge and skills, and the third academic year went to 10th of Ramadan Railway Project. Excellent graduates can be directly recommended for employment in the light rail project in Egypt.

TSP talent program class adopts the method of joint training.NIRT and AVIC INTL jointly participate in teaching and management and jointly discuss the training scheme that meets the actual needs of students. NIRT and AVIC-INTL Project engineering plan to further build a professional international market development and project implementation team by establishing a talent reserve team, so as to better explore the vocational education and training market in the field of international rail transit and form an influential training platform in the field of overseas rail transit.


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