Our teachers achieved excellent results in the teaching observation competition for foreign students in Jiangsu universities
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Recently, the final of the 2023 Jiangsu University Foreign Student Teaching Observation Competition came to an end in Changzhou. After on-site scoring and evaluation by the expert group, and review by the evaluation committee, Professor Zhou Rundong from the School of Locomotive and Rolling Stock of our school won the first prize for his lecture on "Maintenance and Repair of the Braking System of Urban Rail Vehicles".

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After preliminary selection, a total of 76 courses from 43 universities across the province were selected for this live competition, which was broadcast live to teachers, students, and relevant personnel from universities throughout the province. On site, Teacher Zhou conducted a 3-minute lecture and a 12-minute teaching presentation in full English, showcasing teaching plan design, teaching ideas, teaching content, key and difficult points, teaching techniques, etc. around a teaching knowledge point. The course fully considered the professional knowledge background, learning mode, cultural differences of international students coming to China, and integrated Chinese culture. Through carefully designed teaching modes and interactive links, it not only showcased the personal style of our school's teachers, It is also a result of improving the quality and efficiency of our school's international student training.

Since May, our school's School of International Education has organized experts to evaluate and select the participating courses, as well as provide pre competition guidance. From the aspects of teaching design, teaching content, teacher literacy, and characteristic innovation, we have provided sufficient guidance to the participating teachers in their lectures and teaching presentations.

In recent years, our school has made efforts to build the "Study Abroad South Railway" education brand, adhering to the focus of professional and curriculum construction, and promoting the connotative development of education for international students in China. In the future, we will continue to devote ourselves to the reform and innovation of the education model for international students in China, "promoting education through competitions, learning through competitions, and construction through competitions", continuously improving the quality of international talent cultivation in the school, and enhancing the internationalization level and reputation of the school.

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