Special Scholarship
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Information of the Special Scholarship

 The scholarship will be awarded to outstanding overseas students with excellent performance, students in ordered or joined-training classes are not included. The special scholarship is set up in order to reward the outstanding students who win honors in moral, intellectual and physical aspects, or participate in various activities and competitions,

The Application Form of Scholarship


Requirements for Application

The students who have won the scholarship of Jiangsu Province will no longer participate in the president's scholarship and special scholarship.

In the same academic year, the students who have won the president scholarship can no longer apply the special scholarship, and each student can only receive one special scholarship.

1. HSK Award

Participants who pass the HSK in NIRT and pass the new HSK level 4 (including level 4) in the second semester after enrollment, and pass the new HSK level 5 (including level 5 and 6) in the second academic year.

2. Science and Technology Innovation Award

Those who publish academic papers in journals with official serial number as the first author, or obtain patent certificates, or win excellent or above awards in science and technology activities and skills competitions at or above the school level can apply for this scholarship.

3. Humanistic Literacy Award

The semester attendance rate is not less than 90%, and those who actively participate in various activities organized by NIRT, the secondary colleges and the teaching departments and win the secondary college / teaching department or above awards can apply for this scholarship.

Way of Application

1. The application time is from September to November each year.

2. Procedures of application

3. After getting approved by the institute, the scholarship winners will be awarded certificates of honor and bonus.


During the study of overseas students in NIRT, the scholarship will be withdrawn under any of the following circumstances:

1. Violation of law or gets punished by Chinese judicial department or public security organization.

2. Violation of school management regulations and receive serious warning or above disciplinary punishment, or have bad social impact on the school, the collective and others. Scholarship disqualification will be executed until the punishment is revoked.

3. Failure of one or more required courses in the academic year.

4. Drop out before the scholarship is granted.


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