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Notice on Carrying out Dumpling Making Activities for International Students
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All international students:

In order to enrich the winter vacation life of international students and promote your understanding of traditional Chinese culture, the School of International Education will organize dumpling-making experience activities. The specific notice is as follows:

1. Target audience: All international students

2. Time: January 16, 2020 15:00-17:00

3. Location: Halal canteen

4. Activity content:

(1) On-site teaching of dumpling making by the chef of the halal canteen;

(2) Dumpling making competition for international students;

(3) Tasting dumplings.

5. Notes:

(1) During the activity, attention should be paid to on-site order and safety, and all personnel must not waste food during the dumpling making process;

(2) Pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands before making and eating dumplings.


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