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Notice on Carrying out Fire Fighting Drills for International Students
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All international students:

In order to further effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents on campus and improve the self-defense and self-rescue ability of teachers and students, the school will organize all international students to carry out fire fighting drills. The specific notice is as follows:

1. Target audience: All international students

2. Time: December 23, 2019 12:30--13:30

3. Location: Next to Xiyuan Wetland

4. Activity content:

(1) Training on basic methods of using fire extinguishers;

(2) Fire-fighting drill.

5. Relevant requirements:

(1) All international students are requested to arrive at the designated area for assembly on time, and the head teacher must maintain the order on site;

(2) Carry out fire-fighting drills in strict accordance with the requirements, obey the command of the on-site commanders, and ensure the order of the drills and the safety of personnel.


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