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Introduction of Contact System Training Room
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“Maintenance and Overhaul of the Contact system " is a core course for urban rail power supply majors. According to the requirements of students' vocational ability and career development, a training room based on the construction, overhaul, organization, testing and emergency repair of urban rail transit contact system has been built. The contact system training room belongs to power Supply and Engineering department of Nanjing vocational institute of railway technology and is located at 214 room headed by Xing Guangbing and Chen Bingzhen in the High-speed Railway Training Complex on campus.

1. Training Room Configuration

In order to further improve and enrich the teaching equipment of the training room and provide students and teachers with a good place for practical training and learning, the construction of the contact system training room was completed in conjunction with the actual situation of the training room and courses in our college.

The construction of this practical training room was written by the college to apply for construction, the relevant technical parameters and requirements are fully consistent with the actual site, and the construction is supported by the college financial funds. The training room meets the teaching requirements of the "Contact System" course and can be used for the pre-fitting and assembly of the contact network arm, the production of suspension strings and the inspection and adjustment of segmental insulators.

The technical standards and parameters adopted in the contact system training room are consistent with those of the frontline field, and the functions and practical training items provided are helpful in developing skills that meet the needs of field operations and are of great significance in deepening students' understanding of the dynamic relationship of the arch system.

2. Objectives of Practical Training

(1) Systematic mastery of the basic knowledge of contact system workers;

(2) To develop the professional ability of contact system work;

(3) Exercise practical hands-on ability;

(4) To train the comprehensive application of professional knowledge and skills;

(5) To strengthen the ability to analysis and solve practical problems;

(6) To strengthen the cultivation of discipline, safety awareness and work attitude;

3. Object of Practical Training

This course is aimed at urban rail contact system maintenance workers. The target students of the course are students major in urban rail power supply and students in other urban rail majors. At present, there are three main training methods: orientation training, order training and pre-service training.

4. Main Practical Training Projects

Students are required to master the structural composition and role of the contact system, the mechanical analysis and calculation of the contact system, the basic content of the analysis and calculation of various loads in the contact system and plan design, the ability to read and understand the contact system plan and various assembly drawings, and the standards and techniques of contact system operation, maintenance and construction. They will be able to adapt to field work by mastering the common tools and parts of the contact system.

(1) Fabrication of contact system suspension strings;

(2) Adjustment of contact system pull-out values;

(3) Adjustment of the contact system support positioning device;

(4) Pre-fitting and assembly of the base of the wrist arm of the contact system;

(5) Pre-assembly and lifting of contact system wrist arms;

(6) Inspection and adjustment of segmental insulators.

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