Management of Dormitories for Foreign Students in China of NIRT
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International students' dormitory is a place for international students to live and study. It should be civilized, quiet, tidy and safe so that everyone can have a good living and learning environment. Therefore, the following provisions are hereby made for all international students to follow.

Article 1 The management of international students' dormitories shall be coordinated by the Department of study and work and the Institute of international education.

Article 2 International students shall obey the arrangement of the dormitory management personnel, stay in the designated rooms and beds, and shall not move furniture or change rooms without permission.

Article 3 In principle, four international students live in one room; Those who require a single room for special reasons must submit a written application to the Institute of international education. After approval, international students should pay off the single room fee of the current academic year within one week from the date of approval.

Article 4 Before check-in, international students shall count the articles equipped in the room and compare them with the list of articles in the room of international students provided by the dormitory management personnel. After the two are consistent, they shall sign on the list. When the study period expires or drop out, the room items shall be returned in good condition; In case of any loss or damage during use, it shall be compensated according to the price.

Article 5 International students shall not use their dormitories to engage in activities in violation of Chinese laws and school regulations; Missionary and religious gatherings and other activities shall not be carried out in the dormitory, and personal books and articles related to religion shall not be placed in the public area of the dormitory.

Article 6 International students shall abide by the reception system, receive guests within the specified time, and shall not stay overnight. Visitors should fill in the visit registration form and enter only with the permission of the management personnel. Without consent, boys and girls are not allowed to enter the dormitory for mutual visits. Cohabitation between male and female students is strictly prohibited.

Article 7 International students should keep the inside and outside of the dormitory clean and maintain the smooth passage. Sundries shall not be stacked in the corridor, and shall not be painted and posted at will; Objects shall not be hung, placed or discarded outside the window.

Article 8 International students shall take good care of public property and shall not damage, dismantle or refit the equipment in the dormitory building.

Article 9 International students shall keep their dormitories quiet and shall not carry out activities that affect others' study and rest, such as dancing, loud noise, loud music, etc.

Article 10 It is strictly prohibited to connect the power supply privately, pull the line arbitrarily and use lamps with more than 25W on the bed.

Article 11 Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited in the dormitory building.

Article 12 Foreign students should save electricity and water. Before leaving the room, make sure to turn off the faucet and disconnect all electrical appliances to avoid fire. It is forbidden to use electric furnaces, heaters, electric heaters and other high-power illegal electrical appliances and highly dangerous fuels. Those who violate the regulations will bear all the consequences by themselves and will be subject to relevant disciplinary sanctions.

Article 13 International students shall abide by fire control regulations, take good care of fire-fighting equipment, strictly prevent fire, and prohibit the storage of inflammables and explosives indoors.

Article 14 The school work and rest time shall be observed, and the dormitory of international students shall be closed at 22:00 p.m. International students who need leave under special circumstances should apply to the head teacher or counselor in advance. It is strictly forbidden to leave without asking for leave and stay away at night.

Article 15 It is strictly prohibited to engage in or assist others in profit-making activities in the dormitory area, or to engage in other acts that disrupt the management order of the dormitory and affect the normal life of others.

Article 16 Pets are prohibited in dormitory buildings.

Article 17 In case of electrical or circuit failure in the room, it shall be reported to the administrator, and the property management company shall uniformly send electricians for maintenance. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble or repair by themselves.

Article 18 International students shall actively obey and cooperate with the dormitory management personnel in the work of room rounds and counting the number of people, and timely report to the dormitory management personnel in case of no return at night.

Article 19 International students shall seriously cooperate and actively participate in the health inspection and safety inspection activities organized by the school and the student work office. The performance of international students in the dormitory is linked to the scholarship evaluation of international students.

Article 20 During the stay, the water, electricity and network fees shall be borne by themselves.

Article 21 Students who violate the regulations on dormitory management will be criticized, educated and punished in accordance with the regulations on disciplinary punishment of foreign students of Nanjing Railway Vocational and technical college.

Article 22 These Measures shall come into force on October 10, 2020 and shall be interpreted by the Institute of international education.

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