Our school has signed an intercollegiate cooperation agreement with Kyongfuk University in South Korea
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     On July 6th, under the joint organization and coordination of the Jiangsu Excellence International Exchange Education Foundation and the Jiangsu Office of Beijing Jiahua Shida International Education Exchange Co., Ltd., Kyongfu University in South Korea and six vocational schools in Jiangsu jointly held an exchange and cooperation signing meeting. Our vice president, Cao Guohong, and relevant leaders of the International Education College attended the meeting.

     At the meeting, Ju Qin, the chairman of the Jiangsu Excellent International Exchange Education Foundation, gave the first speech, stating that the foundation will be committed to building a multi country, multi-level, and multi university cooperation platform, and wishing the project exchange a complete success.

     Jin Yunhua, General Manager and Executive Director of Beijing Jiahua Shida International Education (China Study Abroad Service Center), stated in a speech that he will explore new paths for vocational education and international cooperation under the guidance of the China Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center, continuously explore the connotation of cooperation, broaden the scope of cooperation, and promote high-level international development.

     The Vice President of Kyongfuk University in South Korea, Kim Kyongfu, Director of International Education, An Jung gen, and Professor Lin Shou cheon, the person in charge of project coordination and exchange, attended the meeting. Vice President Jin Jingfu introduced the basic situation of Jingfu University, stating that providing students with opportunities for cross-border exchanges is an important responsibility of international cooperation among universities. Jingfu University will be committed to providing high-level education and cultivating students according to the standards of international talents.

     Kyongfu University is an applied university established in South Korea to cultivate talents who meet the needs of advanced technology and modern industry. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, it ranked first in the employment rate of applied universities and four-year universities in South Korea. The school currently offers international "3+1" undergraduate programs in visual design, spatial design, and environmentally friendly architecture.

     At the meeting, Cao Guohong, the vice principal of our school, gave an introduction to the development history, professional settings, and international cooperation of the school. And it was stated that the signing of this cooperation agreement aims to better promote further cooperation between the two sides in talent cultivation, subject construction, teaching staff, scientific research, and other aspects, jointly exploring new measures for talent cultivation, teaching models, paths, and scientific research methods, and empowering each other for high-quality development.

     In addition, the other five Chinese partner universities also spoke and communicated at the meeting. Finally, seven schools signed contracts in the cloud at the meeting.

     This cooperation has expanded our school's international cooperation and exchange, and will further promote vocational education cooperation and deepen the cultivation of high-quality international talents.

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