The school held a 2021 Egyptian international student order class supervisor summary meeting
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     On the afternoon of July 13th, the school held a summary meeting for the 2021 Egyptian international student order class supervisor in the A508 conference room of the information center. Vice President Cao Guohong, Special Supervisor Wang Hong of the Egyptian International Student Order Class, Locomotive and Rolling Stock College, Communication and Signal College, Power Supply and Engineering College, International Education College, Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, relevant professional teachers, and international student homeroom teachers attended this meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Cao Guohong.

     At the meeting, relevant leaders, professional teachers, and homeroom teachers for international students from various colleges respectively reported on the recent final arrangements, extracurricular activities, and learning and living conditions of the 2021 Egyptian order class.

     Vice President Cao Guohong affirmed the recent teaching work of the Egyptian class and also proposed the key points for the next stage of international student management work: firstly, the school attaches great importance to and attaches great importance to the management of international students. Next, the school will fully leverage its own advantages, focus on cultivating international student orders, strengthen and deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, and polish the business card of international education; Secondly, each college should timely summarize the teaching management work related to international students, providing effective experience for the later education management of international students; Thirdly, the school will continue to encourage teachers to actively participate in the teaching management of international students and provide policy support and guarantees; Fourthly, relevant colleges should develop detailed implementation plans and work plans to solidly promote the quality certification of higher education for international students coming to China.

     Professor Wang Hong summarized the teaching work of the Egyptian class this semester from four aspects: "raising awareness, attaching great importance, closely cooperating, and gradually entering a better situation". As the end of the semester approached, she also put forward four requirements: firstly, strengthen the review guidance for international students, standardize the course examination process; The second is to do a more detailed job in the process of international students leaving school; The third is to do a good job in connecting the subsequent learning arrangements for international students; Fourthly, based on the characteristics of the school, fully summarize the teaching management work of Egyptian class students.

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