Freshman Payment Guide
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Liberal arts majors: 4700 yuan / academic year;Engineering Majors:5300 yuan / academic year.

Accommodation Fee

Accommodation for four people is 1500 yuan / academic year, accommodation for six people is 1200 yuan / academic year.

Payment Method

Method 1: Wechat payment Log in to the"Zhangshangnantie"of WeChat with your mobile phone, and make payment in the payment module.

Method 2: Pay online. Log in to the website to make payment (the user name is the student number, and the default password is the last six digits of the ID card).

Method 3: Bank account information of fee settlement:

Account Name: Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology

Account No.: 32001595246052501535

Bank: China Construction Bank Company Limited, Nanjing Jianning Road Sub-branh

Address: No. 16 Jianning Rd.Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China,210000


Payment Deadline

All international students should pay tuition fees in full at the time of enrollment. Secondary colleges (departments) urge students to pay tuition fees and accommodation fees on time. Students who do not pay fees without any reason should not go through the registration procedures.




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