Orientation Notes for International Freshmen
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1. International students should go to the School of International Education to complete the registration and registration procedures with the admission notice,JW202 form and passport within the specified time. Those who are unable to enroll on time due to some reasons must ask for leave from the School of International Education by phone or email. Phone number:025-685331213,email:gjy@njrts.edu.cn.The leave of absence shall generally not exceed two weeks.Those who report late without taking leave will automatically give up their admission qualifications.

2. Within 24 hours after the enrollment,you need to personally apply for the temporary accommodation registration with the original passport in the International Student Management Office (Information Center A505).

3. The following materials should be handed over to the head teacher within one week of enrollment:

No. Contents Usage
1 8   photos of size 2 in white background (with passport number written on the   back). For   physical examination, visa application, student ID
2 Original   and a copy of passport Keep   in the archives
3 Original   and a copy of high school diploma Keep   in the archives
4 Original   and a copy of high school transcripts Keep   in the archives
5 Original   or a copy of admission letter Keep   in the archives
6 Original   Form 202 Keep   in the archives
7 Proof   of no crime;Parental power of attorney for minors;Proof of family funds. Keep   in the archives
8 Original   or a copy of application form of NIRT Keep   in the archives
9 1600RMB Teaching   materials cost about 500 RMB/year,insurance fee 600 RMB/year,visa fee 400 RMB/year,100RMB for pre-charge of the campus card.

(Note: According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education,all international students studying in China must have personal insurance,otherwise they will not be registered.)

4. Freshmen should report to the dormitory on the day after enrollment. They need to receive bedding (quilt cover, cores, bed sheets, pillowcases, pillow cores) , air conditioner remote control, door key, sanitary items (one set per room, including: mop, rag, trash can, broom, dustpan, garbage bags, clothes rod)from the residence assistant.

5. Within two weeks of enrollment, the institute will organize a physical examination for freshmen. Please bring the original medical examination report at your own expense. The maximum cost is 538 yuan/time.

6. Within two weeks of enrollment, the bank card and mobile phone card should be attended to as soon as possible, and the relevant information should be informed to the head teacher.

7. After the above report materials are handed in, the campus card and student ID card will be obtained from the head teacher. If you can't hand in the above materials on time, you will be automatically withdrawn from the school.


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