Study Visa Application
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 1. Application Materials for Study Visa

(1) Admission notice of Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology;

(2) Visa application form for international students studying in China (JW202 form);

(3) Foreigner physical Examination Records and blood reports of AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis A and hepatitis B (all in original);

(4) University or high school diploma (original) and other relevant certificates.

2. Application Method for Study Visa

Bring the above visa application materials to the local Chinese embassy (consulate) to apply for a study visa in China.

3. Application Period for Study Visa

International students who study in China for more than 180 days (subject to the time on the admission notice) will generally be issued X1 visa.X1 visa is valid for 30 days after entry. Students need to apply for study residence permit through the school within 30 days after entry.International students who study in China for less than 180 days will generally be issued an x2 visa.X2 visa is valid for 30-180 days after entry. It is usually a single entry,that is,once you leave the country after entry, you can't enter China again with this visa.

4. Attention Notes

(1) After applying for an entry visa in your home country,international students must keep the admission notice, JW202 form, yellow copy and other documents carefully so that you can apply for residence permit after entering the country;

(2) You cannot apply for a study visa or residence permit if you enter the country with a visa free or a tourist or family visit visa;

(3) According to the regulations of the National Immigration administration,international students who study in China for more than 180 days can apply for a study residence permit.For international students who study in China for less than 180 years, the X2 visa they hold cannot be converted into a study residence permit;

(4) Holding a non study visa will not be able to study in Nanjing Vocational Institute of Railway Technology.If international students are found to be engaged in activities inconsistent with the visa type, they will face fines,warnings, detention,deportation and other penalties according to the specific circumstances.


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