Instructions for Physical Examination
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Instructions for Physical Examination

1. After arriving at the school, the international students should make an appointment for physical examination on Wechat ID:JITHC-NET,and attend it as required;

2. Bring original passport and 2 passport-size color photos of 2 inches with white background;

3. The physical examination time is in the morning, and an empty stomach is required before it;

4. During physical examination, accompanying personnel are required to assist in maintaining the order of physical examination,Non-native English speakers shall be equipped with accompanying translators;

5. You will receive the physical examination report 3 working days after completing the physical examination;

6. All physical examination reports shall be uniformly received by relevant teachers designated by the school.

Physical Examination Expenses

1. Medical examination fee: 538 yuan/person;

2. Physical examination items:ECG,B-ultrasound,chest film,internal surgery,facial features and blood examination.



Jiangsu International Travel Healthcare Center

Address: No. 39  Chuangzhi Road, Jianye District

Tel: 025-52345700

Open Hours: 8:30 a.m.-11 a.m.,Monday to Friday



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